The Environment Court provides a mediation service to encourage people, where appropriate, to settle their dispute out of court.

This court-assisted mediation will be facilitated by one of the Environment Commissioners.

Environment Commissioners are experienced in mediation and are trained in alternative dispute resolution. Experience in alternative dispute resolution is one of the criteria for eligibility for appointment as an Environment Commissioner.

All appeals, when lodged, are seen and assessed by an Environment Judge. Only rarely will the Judge conclude that an appeal is not suitable for mediation, and they will almost always be referred to a Commissioner for mediation to be arranged. If an appeal is referred to mediation the Court will advise the parties of that, and will arrange mediation as soon as possible. 

Key points to note

  • The date of mediation will be set according to the Commissioner’s availability, not that of the participants.
  • Notice of at least 15 working days will be provided.
  • The mediation will take place at a venue neutral to the parties.

Find out more about mediation

Section 5 and Appendix 2 of the Environment Court Practice Note 2014

Find out more about mediation on the Ministry for the Environment’s website(external link)

Contact one of our mediation case managers


Case Manager: Marina Tateoka
Phone: 09 916 9369


Case Manager: Jennifer Gerritsen
Phone: 04 918 8334


Karina Kelly
Phone: 03 353 8536

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