The Environment Court will be holding a hearing into the provisions of Plan Change 1 and matters raised in submissions and further submissions.  Further information about the court's practice and procedures can be found on the General Information page.

On this page you can find:

Hearing Schedule

File name format: [Date of Schedule] - [Name of Timetable]

The hearing schedule is not available yet.

Event Notices

Notices for all court events including mediation, expert conferencing and hearings can be found on the Notice of Court Events page.


File name format: [Date Filed] - [Party Name] - Evidence - [Evidence Type] - [Witness Name] - [Discipline] - [Date of Evidence]

Until evidence is produced in court by witness, the statement is not regarded as ‘evidence’.  Note: There may also be minor changes (e.g. grammar) between the time of uploading onto the court’s website and the witness being sworn in (or affirmed) at the hearing.


2022-02-11 ORC - Affidavit of Dolina Lily Lee dated 11 February 2022 (in support of provisions as agreed at mediation) [PDF, 2.4 MB]

2022-02-11 ORC - Affidavit of Dolina Lily Lee dated 11 February 2022 (regarding scope for relief sought by Mr John Cocks) [PDF, 3.2 MB]

2021-11-05 ORC - EIC - Dolina Lee - 5 November 2021 [PDF, 1.6 MB]

2021-11-05 ORC - Regional Plan Waste for Otago Chapter 6 & Glossary - tracked [PDF, 487 KB]


Joint Witness Statements

File name format: [Date Filed] - JWS - [Expert Type] - [Topic] - [Date of JWS]

No Joint Witness Statements have been lodged yet.

Legal Submissions / Records of Amendments Sought

File name format: [Date] - [Party Name] - [Topic] - [Opening / Closing / Further]

No submissions or representations have been lodged yet.


File name format: [Date] - [Exhibit No] - [Produced by] - [description]

No exhibits have been produced yet.

Hearing Transcripts

File name format: [Date of Transcript] - Transcript - Hearing - [Topic] - [Date of Hearing]

The hearing has not started yet. 

Audio Recordings of Hearings

File name format: Audio - Hearing - [Topic] - [Date of Hearing]

The hearing has not started yet.

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