Plan Change 1

The Otago Regional Council has proposed a plan change to the Regional Plan: Waste for Otago (the “Waste Plan”). The plan change proposes changes to the controls on the use of dust suppressants, particularly waste oil, and introduces minimum standards for new landfills.

Together with proposed Plan Change 8, this proposed plan change is also referred to as the “Omnibus Plan Change”.

  • Hearings

    Find out about the Environment Court's hearings for Otago Regional Council's proposed Plan Change 1 (Dust Suppressants & Landfills).

  • Notice of Court Events

    Find notices of pre-hearing conferences, mediation, expert conferencing and hearings issued by the Environment Court. These notices tell you where and when events are being held.

  • Court Communications

    Find minutes and decisions of the Environment Court.

  • Party Correspondence

    Find correspondence filed by the parties seeking general directions or orders (i.e. decisions) from the court.

  • Parties, Submissions & Further Submissions

    Find notices filed by those wishing to become a party to the court proceedings and copies of submissions and further submissions on proposed Plan Change 1.

  • Important Documents

    Find important documents produced by the Environmental Protection Authority, Otago Regional Council and others relevant to Otago Regional Council proposed Plan Change 1.

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