Becoming a Party

The Minister for the Environment has "called in" three plan changes to be decided by the Environment Court, rather than through the usual Regional Council plan change process.  It is a requirement of the Resource Management Act 1991 that anyone wishing to be involved in a court proceeding must first give notice to the court to become a "party" to the proceeding.  That is so even if they made a submission on the plan change(s).

To become a party complete and lodge a Form 33/Party Notice by Monday 16 November 2020.   Please use one of the Form 33s/Party Notices below, depending on which proceedings you wish to become a party to:

There is no fee for lodging the Party Notice.

Lodge the Party Notice by emailing a copy to  Please note: if you email us you should, in the first instance, receive an automatic response.  If this does not happen, please contact us by phone, to check that your email has been received.

If you do not have access to email, you can post the form to the Environment Court, Christchurch Registry, PO Box 2069, Christchurch, 8140.

If you made a submission on the plan change(s) but do not become a party, the court will still read and consider your submission. However, you may not speak to your submission in court or call evidence in support.  Furthermore, you will receive no further communication from the court, apart from a copy of its decision(s).

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